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Penn’s Trail is an Environmental Consulting Firm serving PA, MD, and DE.  Our staff of licensed and registered professionals specialize in but are not limited to the following professional services:

  • On Site Sewage Disposal Testing and Design  

  • Wetlands Delineation & Local, State and Federal Permits  

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Stormwater Control Infiltration Testing 

  • Storage Tank Removal Oversight 

  • Assessment of  Potential Contamination    

  • Act 537 Sewage Planning for Land Development 

  • Biology & Natural Resource Inventories  

  • Protected Plant & Animal Inventories, Studies, & Resolution

  • Carbonate/Karst/Limestone Investigations  

  • Preconstruction Soil Evaluations  

  • Large Volume Sewage Disposal Testing 

  • Small Flow Treatment Facilities & Design  

  • Soil Classification and Re-classification 

  • NPDES Anti-Degradation Coordination & Research  

  • All PADEP and OSS Testing & Design of Innovative, Alternate &  Experimental Systems 

  • Septic System Inspection

  • Soil Bearing

  • Hydrogeologic Evaluation

  • Water Resource Impact Studies

  • Selected Laboratory Analysis of Soil

  • Well Permitting and/or Abandonment

  • NEPA Environmental Impact Statements 

  • Operation & Maintenance Compliance (On Site Septic Systems)

  •  PSMA Sewage System Inspections 

    • Real Estate Transactions
  • Stormwater Compliance Monitoring & Management

    • MS4 Compliance


We provide professional expertise in the fields of soils, geology, wetlands, water resources, and ecological concerns.

The website for Penn’s Trail Environmental, LLC was originally developed and modified by Diane L. Golrick. While some design changes have occurred over the years, Penn’s Trail appreciates all of her efforts dedicated to develop and maintain the site. Thank you, Diane, for your vision and commitment.

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