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Now Hiring! We are looking for a technician with general mechanical skills, computer skills such as email, Word and Excel, and the proficiency to operate a mini-excavator. Must be able to tow excavator to each site daily.  Please email your resume using the contact us button above or call us at 215-362-4610.


Penn’s Trail is an Environmental Consulting Firm serving PA, MD, and DE.  Our staff of licensed and registered professionals specialize in but are not limited to the following professional services:

  • On Site Sewage Disposal Testing and Design  

  • Wetlands Delineation & Local, State and Federal Permits  

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

  • Stormwater Control Infiltration Testing 

  • Storage Tank Removal Oversight 

  • Assessment of  Potential Contamination    

  • Act 537 Sewage Planning for Land Development 

  • Biology & Natural Resource Inventories  

  • Protected Plant & Animal Inventories, Studies, & Resolution

  • Carbonate/Karst/Limestone Investigations  

  • Preconstruction Soil Evaluations  

  • Large Volume Sewage Disposal Testing 

  • Small Flow Treatment Facilities & Design  

  • Soil Classification and Re-classification 

  • NPDES Anti-Degradation Coordination & Research  

  • All PADEP and OSS Testing & Design of Innovative, Alternate &  Experimental Systems 

  • Septic System Inspection

  • Soil Bearing

  • Hydrogeologic Evaluation

  • Water Resource Impact Studies

  • Selected Laboratory Analysis of Soil

  • Well Permitting and/or Abandonment

  • NEPA Environmental Impact Statements 

  • Operation & Maintenance Compliance (On Site Septic Systems)

  •  PSMA Sewage System Inspections 

    • Real Estate Transactions
  • Stormwater Compliance Monitoring & Management

    • MS4 Compliance


We provide professional expertise in the fields of soils, geology, wetlands, water resources, and ecological concerns.

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