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Sewage Disposal Testing & Design

in Maryland

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The sewage permitting program in the State of Maryland is implemented on a County-wide basis. Preliminary evaluations confirm remote conditions such as soil mapping, topography, geology, well reports, and regional septic issues to be addressed. Field investigations are used to assess soil suitability and make final recommendations as to which Sewage Disposal Alternative (SDA) is appropriate. Penn’s Trail Environmental, LLC works with every County Health Department in the state to ensure that the long-term sewage disposal needs of Marylanders are met. Click here to contact us.

Site Suitability Assessment

Data is collected to determine the appropriate system type. Landscape position, soil conditions (texture, structure, consistence, seasonal water table levels) and setbacks (well isolation distance, floodplains, horizontal setbacks) are all taken into consideration in the design process.

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Field Investigation

Field reconnaissance is conducted to correlate the physical location of existing features (slope, streams, property lines, buildings - if they exist) with proposed features (SDA, wells, buildings). Penn’s Trail gathers this information to include on the design plans submitted to acquire your sewage disposal permit.

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Soil Testing

Permeability testing is required to determine the infiltration rates of the soils under your sewage disposal alternative (SDA). There are a number of methods available to use depending on the SDA. Saturated hydraulic conductivity testing is required for sand-lined trenches, bermed infiltration ponds and for clustered systems that require groundwater analysis.

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Design Options

There are a number of SDA design options in the State of Maryland - conventional, alternative, and innovative. As the sites become challenging and system designs become more complicated, Penn’s Trail’s expertise becomes your best option for a resolution to a complex problem.

Additionally, we can provide clients with constructed wetlands, control fill proposals, individual package treatment systems and more.

Our experience in the field with actual installations provides our clients with the best possible product by developing buildable, efficient designs that pass both permitting and contractor review.  Click here  to contact us.

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