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Paul A. Golrick

M.S., P.G.

Soil Scientist

Professional Geologist

215-362-4610 x101

Paul has more than 30 years of experience conducting soil and geologic evaluations for a variety of land-use applications.  Areas of expertise include subsurface sewage disposal, stormwater infiltration, limestone geology, floodplain soils, and construction. Paul prepares technical reports  and provides expert testimony as needed.  As a PA-Certified SEO since 1986, Paul is well versed in individual and community sewage system requirements for planning, permitting, as well as determining factors responsible for system failures.  As a PG, he performs  site evaluations to determine bedrock types and potential hazards associated with geologic formations. Paul enjoys music (classical to classic rock) and Mel Brooks movies ~ not a surprise to those who know him!

John M. Dudish

M.S.  Environmental Biologist 

215-362-4610  x106

Jack provides oversight for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments to the current ASTM/AAI standard, as well as, Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects as needed.  He also contributes to the Biological Assessments and has been certified as a PA SEO since 1978, as he continues to assist with subdivision planning processes.  "I wear my geek proudly as a student of practical history in many forms and relish in sharing experiences, generally out-of-door, fly rod in hand, bending the time-space continuum in a Wrangler with family and friends." Jack currently is enjoying his retirement by visiting out-of-state friends, fly fishing the Loyalsock Creek and working on his flux capacitor. 

Devon Tarantino

Environmental Field Specialist


215-362-4610  x113

Devon routinely coordinates and conducts stormwater infiltration testing according to the Best Management Practice manual for Penn’s Trail Environmental, LLC. He gathers field data and generates reports based on findings established in the field according to the PA BMP manual. As a PA-certified SEO, Devon can apply his knowledge to see projects through from beginning to end, including all of the various testing procedures and guide the project through the regulatory system.  He also inspects operating individual system components and collects samples as part of permit O&M compliance requirements.  Devon hails from the excavating field, lending great skill to Penn's Trail field team as our backhoe operator. Devon enjoys watching  cartoons with his son and the occasional date night with his wife.

Maureen McDermott


Soil Scientist

Certified Wetland Scientist

215-362-4610  x111

Maureen has over 20 years of experience in the environmental fields of soils and wetland science.  She is a PAPSS Professional Soil Scientist and an SWS and IWEER-certified wetland scientist.  Maureen is a PA Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer since 1999.  She coordinates directly with Federal, State, County and municipal agencies as part of permit acquisition, plant/animal surveys and biological assays.  Maureen’s responsibilities also include soil investigations for on-site wastewater renovation and stormwater infiltration in addition to her responsibilities for wetland and natural resource delineations for land use projects. Maureen loves animals, especially her puppy Yogi, supports animal rescue organizations and enjoys dipping her toes in the pool.

Terry Harris

Environmental Scientist

215-362-4610 x110 

Colleen is a multi-disciplinary soil scientist trained to evaluate soil for various land use options. She has background and experience in stormwater infiltration testing and review, agriculture land use (soil fertility, crop management and nutrient testing) and conservation recommendations. Within our septic program, she evaluates and tests soils for renovation capabilities. Colleen has also been educated in hydric soils and trained to delineate wetlands and alluvial soils. She directs and coordinates our laboratory soil testing program, provides project management and report oversight skills. Colleen writes our blogs and completes research within her specialty divisions. Colleen enjoys hiking the Appalachian Trail,  exploration of local creeks and forests, camping the Pine Barrens, homesteading  with her dog, Roean and vegetable  gardening.

Terry conducts Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments to the current ASTM/AAI standard, as well as Phase 2 projects as needed, including Pennsylvania's Act 2 and Regulated Tank projects. He is also responsible for conducting Preliminary Assessments under the New Jersey Green Acres program. Terry has been certified as a Sewage Enforcement Officer in PA since 1990 and aids in site evaluations, testing and permitting. Mr. Harris also assists with soil evaluations and testing for stormwater infiltration. Terry enjoys taking on home improvement projects, working with his lathe and backpacking.

Sheila Finn

Administrative Assistant

215-362-4610 x103

Sheila is responsible for SOPs and general administrative duties as well as scheduling PSMA septic inspections and PA One Call soil testing. Sheila generates and forwards Township Notices for storm water testing and maintains project correspondence, task lists and files. Sheila enjoys working with stained glass, having lunch with friends, hiking with her border collie, Zeke, traveling, horseback riding, reading and movies.

Adam B. Browning

Environmental Field Specialist

Sewage System Designer

215-362-4610  x112

Adam has over 13 years of experience in generating field data and developing it into workable, permittable individual and community on-lot sewage system designs.  Adam is also proficient in the design of all systems permitted in Pennsylvania and Maryland, including but not limited to IRSIS, Shallow Limiting Zone systems, At-Grades, Stream Discharge systems, Drip technology, and more. He is certified by American Manufacturing to design and oversee installations of alternate design systems.  As a PA-certified SEO, Adam can apply his knowledge and experience to see his designs through the system of regulators and installers. Adam coordinates and conducts stormwater testing, inspects operating individual system components and collects samples as part of permit O&M compliance requirements.  Adam is also 40-hour OSHA safety-trained. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors, camping and fishing with his family and operating a Christmas Tree farm.

Holly Berryman-Moss

Accounts Manager

215-362-4610 x100

Holly is responsible for managing the financial operations of the company and the administrative aspects including billing, purchasing, financial reporting and tracking and inventory management. She provides complete support to the daily operation and management of the company, compiles the reports from various departments focusing on the financial reports; coordinates interdepartmental office filing and data output systems and provides full support to the management team to allow the company to operate in an efficient manner. Holly is a wife, mother, cook, cleaning lady and chauffeur to a teenage daughter. She enjoys vacations, hanging with friends, and gardening.

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