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Hydrogeology - Wells & Water Quality

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Hydrogeologic Investigations

Penn’s Trail conducts a combination site inspection and subsurface investigation by a Professional Geologist who will:

  • evaluate published geologic mapping and underlying geologic characteristics.

  • review previous reports deemed relevant by the requesting regulatory agency.

  • conduct site reconnaissance. 

  • provide drill logging. 

  • conduct fracture trace analysis and desktop evaluations for well placement. 

  • collect water sample(s) for lab analysis.

  • prepare a report of findings and discussion as required by the requesting regulatory agency.


Our investigations are performed to ensure your project will comply with all municipal or state land development requirements.

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Water Quality

Pennsylvanians pump millions of gallons of groundwater from aquifers for domestic drinking-water supplies every year. Penn’s Trail Environmental, LLC is dedicated to the protection of clean groundwater and remediation of groundwater where it has been polluted by one more of any of  a number of contaminants. 

We can provide sampling and testing to determine contaminant levels and develop a plan to restore your water to a cleaner state.  If necessary, Penn’s Trail’s staff can navigate the regulatory process to attain compliance and/or closure on your water quality issue.

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New Groundwater Supplies

Groundwater is vital to rural and suburban areas of the state. With thousands of new private wells being drilled each year, a number of counties have developed groundwater monitoring programs for the collection of information to assess water quantity and water quality trends and many municipalities have ordinances that require Ground Water Resource Studies. PTE can provide the resources and oversight to get your approvals.

Groundwater Monitoring Plans

Does your site or project require continued monitoring of onsite groundwater for regulatory compliance? Penn’s Trail Environmental can develop a continuous groundwater monitoring plan for your permitting.  Why stop there? PTE staff can also implement your sampling plan by collecting your field samples for laboratory analysis and generate a report for your submission.

Our work and subsequent reporting cannot guarantee future behavior of the carbonate bedrock or its overburden.  Recommendations and opinions are based on information gathered at the time of the site evaluation and are subject to revision as new information becomes available.

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