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PTE Labs - We'll test your soil!

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Small Homes and Homesteaders

Are you experiencing minimal vegetable growth?  Are your plants not growing to their full potential? 

  • Landscape/Homestead

    • Fertility Tests​

      • Nutrients, pH​

    • Soil/plant suitability

      • Nutrients, pH, soluble salt level, organic matter, soil textural class

    • Topsoil Evaluation

      • Nutrients, pH, soluble salt level, organic matter, sieve analysis (% sand/silt/clay), gravel content



Need to meet regulation requirements? Need to meet site stabilization needs? Do you have a failing septic system?

  • Organic Media

    • Compost/Basic​

      • pH, electrical conductivity, plant available inorganic nitrogen​

    • Compost/technical

      • Basic PLUS organic matter, TKN, C:N ration, maturity index, moisture content, coarse fragment content​

    • Compost Available Nutrients

      • ADD plant-available nutrients​

    • Compost Total Nutrients

      • ADD Total P, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn, B, Mo​

    • Soilless Media

      • Nutrients, Ph, EC, Plant-available Nitrogen​


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Want to increase productivity? Need to reduce soil erosion? Like to decrease water use? 

  • Farm

    • Fertility Tests​

      • Nutrients, pH, CEC and cation saturation​

    • Pre-sidedress Nitrate Test

      • Nitrate-Nitrogen/mid-season fertilizer

    • Full Farm Test

      • Nutrients, pH, CEC and Saturation, plant available nitrogen, organic matter​

    • Soil Health

      • ADD microbial respiration​


Stormwater/MS4, Environmental

Have you been asked to adhere to MS4? Are you adding a pool or garage?  Is your pond choked out by invasives?  Need to comply to regulations for well monitoring? Do you need an environmental site assessment for the sale of your property?

  • Technical 

    • Permeability Class Rating​

      • %sand/silt/clay, sieve analysis, gravel content​

    • Topsoil Evaluation

      • Fertility, pH, soluble salts, organic matter,    % sand​/silt/clay, soil textural class, gravel content

    • Environmental Analysis Test

      • Nutrients, pH, CEC & saturation, soluble salts, organic matter, % sand/silt/clay, soil textural class, TKN, (request fertility or contamination analysis)​

    • Compost/Technical

      • pH, EC, plant-available, soluble salts, organic matter, TKN​, plant available nitrogen

    • Acid-Producing Soil Test

      • pH before/after oxidation, sulfate and determination of acid-suitable soil​

***Plant available nutrients: P, K, CA, Mg, Cu, Mn, Zn, B

Already know what you want?

Click to download the order form which includes prices.  Mail the order form along with your soil sample to PTE Labs using the address on the form. 

Pay for your order using the PayPal button at the right.  For Job Invoice # write PTL.


Not sure which test you need?  Call  215-362-4610 or fill out form above.  

Would you like a professional to collect your samples? 

Fill out the "form" box at the top right hand corner and submit.  We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

PTE Labs

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Turf/Golf Courses/Practice Fields

Need to comply with changing fertilization regulations?

  • Turf

    • Turf/Sports Fertility Test

      • Nutrients, pH, ​CEC and saturation

    • Turf/Sports Total Test

      • Nutrients, pH​, CEC 7 saturation, soluble salts, organic matter, soil textural class

    • Sand-based Root Zone Test

      • Nutrients, pH, CEC & Saturation, soluble salts, organic matter, percent fines​

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A La Carte Tests

Other types of soil tests available in our lab:

  • pH requirements 

    • For selected crops​

  • Soluble salts

    • Total dissalved ions (Ca, Mg, K)​

  • Soil Organic Matter

    • Most Samples​

  • Loss-on-ignition Organic Matter

    • For high organic content soils​

  • Inorganic Nitrogen

    • Nitrate-Nitrogen, ammonium-nitrogen, plan-available nitrogen​

  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

    • organic-bound Nitrogen, ammonium-nitrogen​

  • Cation Exchange Capacity or Exchangeable Cations

    • nutrient cation buffering capacity/balance of cation nutrients​

  • Sieve Analysis of Sand - USDA

    • % very coarse, coarse, medium, fine, and very fine sand and gravel​

  • Custom Sieve

    • per​ request

  • Soil-particle Size Analysis by Hydrometer

    • % gravel,​ sand, silt, clay and texture with graphs

  • Soil Moisture Content - as received

    • soil water​

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