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Septic System Design

Our goal is to select the most practical and most economical properly performing technology to meet our client’s needs.  This is demonstrated by developing site-specific plans for septic systems that perform to the highest standards to meet your needs and thereby provide you the best possible product.  We do not represent any particular supplier, equipment manufacturer, or vendor nor do we perform installations, own any interest in any installation company or do system "certifications" for real estate transfers.  Having no financial interest in any supplier or end product ensures that your interests are protected.  

Addressing Sewage Disposal Needs

We work with a wide variety of contractors without being in competition with them.  

We focus on: 

  • Addressing our client’s sewage disposal needs

  • Continually researching new products  

  • Working with evolving technology  

  • Seeking  input from installers 


Our goal is to make sure that what we design works best for you.

Wastewater Recycling

Wastewater recycling is a component of many technologies and is growing in use and importance.  

We promote innovative, treated water re-use to attempt to overcome increasing challenges to sewage disposal requirements.

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Timely Delivery

We understand that timely delivery of your product is also critical. If we are not able meet your needs, we will cooperate and exchange information with an expert who can finish the job.

Penn’s Trail provides sewage system and treatment design services for:

  • all Pennsylvania coventional systems.

  • approved alternate  systems.

  • experimental on-lot technology.

  • grinder pump connections for public sewer hook-ups.

Sewage Design Package

Designs are produced on full size plan sets accompanied by a design report. This package is intended to reduce the confusion during the permitting, bidding, and installation processes.   

We routinely design the following technologies for permitting:

  • Elevated Sand Mounds

  • In-ground seepage beds and trenches

  • Individual Spray Irrigation

  • Drip disposal fields

  • Peat Filter systems


We are able to deliver the product to you in electronic format for permanent archiving on your company or home computer system.

Designs are not provided in CAD format due to propriety process protection issues.

Additionally, we can provide clients with constructed wetlands, control fill proposals, individual package treatment systems and more.

Our experience in the field with actual installations provides our clients with the best possible product by developing buildable, efficient designs that pass both permitting and contractor review.  Click here to contact us.

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